Marondera Grain

Our Biggest and most sustainable farm is the Eric Farm in Marondera. Organic produce and the highest Quality Grain available in Zimbabwe is produced here and exported all over the world.

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Mbare Musika

Harare Producers and buyers converge at this hive of Business, choosing the best Grain , Fruit and Vegetables to buy and sell. These are always freshly delivered with a promise of quality and freshness.

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Online Market

Here we get the produce from the ground to your door, in the quickest possible way, simple and innovative way. Guaranteeing you the lowest price, removing the middle man to ensure you get the best for less.

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Our Business

Our Business enables us to reach millions of Zimbabweans who need vegetables, grain or fruit but are either not in close proximity to a producer or simple cannot find the time to go to the market in a busy week's schedule.

We also have allowed ease of selling farmer's produce , removing all anxiety of perishables not being sold on time, but have empowered our local farmers produce with targets, deliver fresh products and get paid with ease.

Our main products range from mealies, groundnuts, watermelon, greenleaf veges (tshomolia/Covo), potatoes, carrots , mangoes, sorghum , tomatoes, onions, peas, peppers to mention just a few, and all come in refreshing freshness.


Explore our farmer's catalog and have a feel of the best Zimbabwean produce...