Our Vision

As a homegrown business, we are driven by the desire to create an efficient marketplace, up to date with today's technology drive to ensure that the local farmer grows financially and the economy expands beyond targets.

With majority of Zimbabweans being subsistence or semi-subsistence farmers, this is the perfect platform to allow them to expand and earn a living in a most innovative solution.

This vision will expand to establish markets in other city centers around Zimbabwe, after the one in Marondera and Harare.

Our Story

The Idea was born out of a renowned business person, Salome Eric. She has worked with businesses in the UK and in South Africa and has turned around entire industries and changed the way of doing business in many sectors. He passion for Zimbabwe and it's people made her realise the need for such an initiative. Being a farmer herself, she has seen and understood the challenges the farmers face and has come up with a simple yet versatile solution that will change the way farm produce is sold in Zimbabwe. This is her story.


The strategy that we are employing will encompass all produce and extend to meat products as well, to eventually become a one stop shop for a households needs. This will include Chicken rearing , eggs, beef, Milk production, fresh from the cow with all its wholesome goodness.



Layers and Freerange

There is already an option of Layers commercial eggs or the free range eggs for the purest nature has to offer


Onions and Variations


Wide range of onions and other varieties currently on offer



Broilers and Freerange

Broiler rearing is on the rise in Zimbabwe and a chance for free range chickens to also be monetised

Next Steps...

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